Let us introduce ourselves

We thought it was about time we told you a little more about Bairdy Clothing. Well, as you may have noticed from our website Bairdy Clothing is owned by Lucinda with the help of her talented illustrating, house building (really!) girlfriend Laura. Lucinda, that's me, Hello! loves to sew and has always enjoyed making anything 2D into 3D, watching a piece of paper become a pattern and then a garment can still warp my mind with delight. All our clothing that has been created from exclusively illustrated fabrics...But what does this mean? The best way to explain is to tell you how it started...

My little sister Sophie got pregnant and shocked everyone by announcing it was TWINS! One of each flavour as it where, or to put it another way, one of each COLOUR! As a woman of the 21st Century and one who hates to be put into a box I soon became frustrated with the pinks and blues of the high street. Why couldn't I find a little dress that was not pink? Or some booties that weren't blue? Argh! At the same time as my fruitless babywear shopping Laura was in the final year of a degree in Illustration and had a habit of drawing green dinosaurs on everything in the house. "Why can’t I have a dress with that on?" I cried, "uhh, just make one" was her answer (She has an annoying way of pointing out the bleeding obvious when I am having a moment) So I did, I shopped around and found a digital printing company that I liked, made some patterns, picked my buttons (very important) and got making. It was gorgeous...seriously gorgeous, they both got to wear dinosaurs!

It sounds so simple when I lay it out but it was my starting point, why not make clothing for children that didn't force them to be princesses or cowboys? Or even better, lets them be both? After posting an image on Facebook I got so much interest that it just encouraged me to carry on, since then I have been asked regularly for adults clothing in the same fabrics and on one occasion a wedding dress. As the business has slowly grown I have been lucky enough to commission other illustrators such as Emily Watkins and Bench Allen, and am really enjoying building up a range of collections for those who want something just a little more that the high street can offer. Don’t be afraid to email us with requests…there is nothing more satisfying than a challenge.